Der Mond Logistics

As mentioned earlier, we move physical commodities from where they are plentiful, manage its trade, storage, and supply where they are most needed reliably, efficiently and responsibly.We are firmly involved with the entire value chain including, importantly, transportation logistics of products.

The Origin of the Crude Oil and refined products traded are the Middle East and Africa. We secure energy from producers and suppliers through offtake agreements and long-standing relationships based on trust and reliability.

In order to further diversify our energy portfolio, Der Mond Oil And Gas is in the process of expanding its business into trading of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG).

As part of our expansion strategy, we also trade middle distillates products, which covers jet fuel, diesel and Gas Oil just to name a few. We trade the full range of distillates, from the very low to high sulphur.

Our Oil trading team combines global presence, market knowledge and efficient logistics to connect producers and end-users.

We have the marketing expertise, the understanding of product flows and the geographic coveragefrom our presence in the Middle East, Europe and Africa required to succeed in these markets.

We also maintain a number of Advanced Information Systems serving our core business and supporting functions, including:

  1. Commodities trading
  2. Compliance
  3. Credit management
  4. Finance
  5. Risk
  6. Shipping and operations
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  • DMOG and/or Seller send Draft Contract SPA to Buyer.
  • Buyer amends draft contract (if needed), counter signs, seals and returns to DMOG.
  • Upon signing of contract by both parties, DMOG gives buyer partial/full POP documents against POF.
  • Buyer bank within 72 hours to maximum 1 week (negotiable) of signing the contract issues MT103/23 CONDITIONAL to Seller bank.
  • DMOG and/or Seller send Draft Contract SPA to Buyer.
  • Seller bank sends Buyer bank via swift full Proof of Product (POP) and 2% PB.
  • Buyer bank swifts Non-Transferable DLC to Seller bank.
  • Shipment Commences as scheduled in the Contract and upon departure of the cargo at the loading port, payment will be made via T/T MT103 for the product by the Buyer after SGS/CIQ inspection at loading port.

International tower Capital center Office 2405

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
P.O BOX 762503.

Sun - Thu : 9am to 5pm
Saturday : 10am to 2pm
Friday : Closed

TEL: +971 2 6503264

FAX: +971 2 6503265

About the company

Der Mond is an Oil And Gas company established in the United Arab Emirates. Our core business involves trading and logistics in commodities market.