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Khady A. BA

Der Mond Founder & President Khadija oversees the main strategy of Der Mond Oil And Gas. guided by the supervision of the Board of directors, the selective pool of mentors & personal advisors and the honorable council of wisdom she works to ensure the success of the company, and maximizes both the growth and presence of Der Mond Group internationally. She aims to ensure fair trade and ethics in business, and world class practices from our employees. Her past experiences in international Oil And Gas companies has been a decisive milestone in defining her role in generating Der Mond Group business strategies.

Education and Experience:

Khadijah studied in Montreal, Canada and has always been interested by commodities as such, Her education, and passion enabled her to purse and gain experiences in multinational Oil & Gas companies such as BP Canada Energy Group, Technip Abu Dhabi, then Schlumberger Middle East.

Message from

Founder & President, Der Mond Oil And Gas.

 » As part of our culture we value health, safety, and the environment, compliance with local, and international laws, and being a committed partner to governments, and communities. Our integrity, reputation, and transparency is one of our greatest assets. Our client interest always comes first. Our business is highly competitive and we aggressively seek to expand our client relationship with us. Der Mond constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our clients and to develop new services to meet those needs. If we serve our clients well then, we truly believe our own success will follow. We aim to Build long-term businesses with key players in our targeted industry. We shouldn’t also forget that one of the main roles of management is to motivate our employees, to invest in them, and to retain them despite the challenges that our industry is facing. We aim to provide best services in the industry, and increase the profitability of the group.  »


Our Vision:

« We have set ourselves an important ambition: To become the best in class Oil And Gas company through innovation, excellence in service delivery and superior technical leadership. »


Our Mission:

Redefine the way commodities are traded

Der Mond Oil & Gas sources out products from remote locations, delivers on time, and on a specific shipment anywhere.

Deliver on commitments in any market environment.

Meet the highest standards right across the supply chain, and put health, safety, environmental and community (HSEC) issues at the forefront in its planning and decision making.

Have the scope and scale to connect our customers with global markets.

Develop and focus on markets such as Asia-Pacific Region and Africa and help to redefine the way commodities are traded.

Build our success through long-term partnerships. We aim to generate lasting shared value while earning the trust of those around us.

Loyal to co-operation, with a huge focus on Integrity, and committed to compliance with local and international laws.

Act as partner to nations, corporations and communities.

International tower Capital center Office 2405

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
P.O BOX 762503.

Sun - Thu : 9am to 5pm
Saturday : 10am to 2pm
Friday : Closed

TEL: +971 2 6503264

FAX: +971 2 6503265


About the company

Der Mond is an Oil And Gas company established in the United Arab Emirates. Our core business involves trading and logistics in commodities market.